Solar Panels

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Solar Panels

With energy costs soaring every year, Henderson homeowners and business owners are looking for intervention, and solar panel systems are the answer. Solar panels produce affordable and renewable energy without harmful byproducts.

Solar Panels Henderson combines technical skills and experience in providing solar energy systems. With services ranging from solar heating installation to cleaning and maintenance.

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Common Questions about Solar Panels Henderson

Switching to solar energy will change your way of living. Besides its monetary benefits, you’ll be able to adapt its green influence. You’ll be more environmentally aware of how you treat your planet. But whether you care for the earth or you just want to cut your electricity bill, you’re still wondering whether to get them or not. If you want to know more about solar panels Henderson and how they work, here are some facts.







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Common Questions about Solar Panels Henderson

  1. What are solar panels made of?

Solar panels are solar cells combined in a panel. These solar cells are also known as photovoltaic cells, made up of silicon semiconductors that can convert the sun’s energy into electricity. When the sunlight hits these cells, electricity is generated as electrons are separated from their atoms and will flow through the cell.

Residential solar panels can convert twenty percent of the sun’s energy, while commercial solar systems can convert up to forty percent solar efficiency. And as technology advances, solar efficiency will grow and develop, fortunately, as the price drops.

There are two types of solar panels:

Photovoltaic panels – are panels that convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

Solar thermal – transforms sun energy by absorbing its warmth to heat homes and swimming pools.

  1. Will they work even without direct sunlight?

Solar panels Henderson don’t need direct sunlight to work; cloudy days and winter is not an issue. Although maximum efficiency is reached with direct sunlight, it could still harness the sun’s energy when it’s raining or cloudy.

Clearly, solar panels won’t be able to produce energy during the night; know that there is a storage system that can be used for this time.  

  1. What is the initial cost?

The cost of installing solar panels would vary from case to case. And though initial costing may seem a bit too high, it shouldn’t be overestimated since its payback period is short. You’ll save on your electric bills, and you’ll have government aids - depending on which state you’re on.

To give you an idea, an average household for a 5kW size system has an estimated cost of $9,500 to $15,000; with 20 panels covering 32 square meters of roof space.

Don’t get discouraged. Prices continue to drop as new technology develops more affordable and more sustainable solar solutions. Solar energy is a free renewable energy resource, and once your initial cost is covered, you may not need to spend any more on electricity since you can provide for yourself. Moreover, you’re doing more good for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint with solar energy.

  1. Do Solar panels need maintenance?

Solar panels have a lifespan of 30 to 40 years with a standard 25-years warranty. When you have solar panels installed, there is little to no maintenance required at all. Your main concern is keeping it clean and not shaded by anything. If it is on a tiled roof, there would be less cleaning involved since rain can help remove dirt.

Before installation, you need to consider the placement of the panels. Consider your house’s location and the inclination of the roof. This will determine the efficiency of the solar panels Henderson. Branches and leaves can be a potential issue as it can scratch the cell’s surface and lower their performance. Still, it doesn’t have strict requirements because they can work well in different settings.

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