Solar Panel Cost in Henderson

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Factors That Affect Solar Panel Cost in Henderson

One of the reasons why buyers hesitate to purchase a PV system is the initial cost. Usually, it comes with a hefty price tag, but it really is a worthwhile investment. If you’re planning on purchasing solar panels, do your research and mind that the cost agrees with its quality and service it provides. The average solar panel cost in Henderson is $2.16 to $2.64 per watt, according to Solar Reviews. A typical 6kW solar panel system installation costs $10,663 after the 26% federal solar tax credit. 

You might wonder why solar panels for home cost expensively; it is because of its material and the complemented devices it requires, such as inverters and electrical protections. Solar panels are composed of high-purity silicon that makes them expensive. Installation labor also affects cost. 

Solar Panel Cost in Henderson NV

What are the factors that have an impact on solar panel cost?

  • The type of solar panels you’ll use

    There are types of solar panels that vary in efficiency and cost.

    • Monocrystalline solar panels – these are the oldest and most developed type of solar panel. They are made from single pure silicon where the manufacturing process is complex making it a bit costly. It appears to be black, and the cells are shaped into squares with corners removed.

      Efficiency: 17% to 24%

    • Polycrystalline solar panels – these are similar to monocrystalline since both have cells made up of silicon wafers. Before they are cut into wafers, fragments of silicon crystals are fused in a mold. They appear to be blue, and the shape of the cells are square where there are no gaps in between corners.

      Efficiency: 15% to 20%

    • Thin-film solar panels – these are recent solar developments, yet they are the most distinguishing feature, and that they aren’t always made of silicon. It is formed from a variety of materials where cadmium telluride is the most prevalent component. Like the other two types, thin-film also has a glass layer on top for protection. Depending on the materials used, they can be black or blue.

      Efficiency: 7% to 14%

  • The number of solar panels you’ll need

    Another factor that affects solar panel cost in Henderson is the number of solar panels. More panels mean more costs. It will determine how big you want your solar panel system to be. A large PV system would provide a higher percentage of cutting your electricity bill. You can think of it as more kilowatts mean more savings, but a higher upfront cost. To power a house, the cost of solar panels per square foot is $4 to $10.

  • Ease of installation

    The installation cost also affects this home upgrade. For an easier and more affordable installation cost, it is ideal to have a simple flat roof or an angled roof that is perfectly facing the sun. Roofs that are irregular with challenging angles will make the installation more complicated.

    Are you thinking of having ground-mounted solar panels or roof-mounted solar panels? Ground-mounted usually costs more just than replacing an old roof before installing a solar system.

  • Break-even Period

    To help you reach a quicker breakeven point is by investing in efficient solar panels. Research on what type and manufacturing brand of solar panel can provide you with a faster return of investment and a warranty of more than 25 years.

  • The solar installer you’ll hire

    Bigger companies charge higher than smaller ones but remember quality comes with a price. You don’t have to go for the big sharks but be careful about hiring cheap installers as you might end up with a sloppy installation. You want to be in the middle; look for a trusted solar installer that charges at a reasonable price and is an expert in doing the job.

As solar technology continues to develop and improve its science, the solar panel cost in Henderson gracefully decreases. While electricity bills keep increasing, more and more people are purchasing PV systems; you should, too.